Salarid the Grand Desert

The Barren Wasteland of Salarid

At first glance, the rolling dunes of sand, the perpetual glare of the sun, and the striking scarcity of plant life suggest an empty, desolate landscape with little to offer adventurers but death. However, the fertile Hajid river that penetrates the sands sustains a diverse collection of merchant cities that transport goods from one side of the desert to the other. The Wastescape (as it is nicknamed) is more than meets the eye, however, as many races of creatures have biologically adapted to living in the desert. A subrace of Orcs and Goblins have adapted to the harsh conditions of the Salarid Desert, and the ridges, mountains, and caves are riddled with caverns that are home to fierce Dragons of many varieties (including Sand Dragons); ancient tombs of great wizards and warriors, filled with the treasures of their inhabitants (and in most cases, the inhabitant as well) dot the unmapped countryside. There are many subregions, usually based on the captial city.

Gravitus, the Northern Border

Gabah, the Capital City

Kinade, the Southern Port City

Salarid the Grand Desert

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