The Dreamer

A Summary of the Present Adventure

Two low leveled acolytes of the Church of Lexcord (the Grand Temple in Claston, specifically) found themselves assigned to a task force to investigate a plague breaking out in the Valley of Dreams. A low leveled associate (Falkun, the Elven Ninja) of the Calob’s Assassin and Ninja guild found himself also assigned to investigate the plague, as the guild has “vested interests” in the region. Finally, a young elven Sorceress, a local of the site of the Plague in Forest Grove, found herself caught in the middle of the task force as they arrived in the Valley of Dreams to investigate the plague.

Shortly upon arriving, the task force found itself confronted with “The Blood Fever” which resulted in horrible fever, boils, erratic behavior; eventually the victims would succumb to the fever and die.

While investigating, the task force discovered a legend of King Nimbus, the “Dreaming King” whose peaceful rest guaranteed the valley to live in peace, but if his rest was ever disturbed, 7 Tribulations would consume and destroy the region. While investigating the legend, the group was lead to a tomb full of traps and treasures, but they did not find any conclusive evidence that this was the actual resting place of King Nimbus.

Meanwhile, an artifact was stolen from the Claston Museum of Mythological items: The Sapphire of Suffering. Immediately, the curator called upon and hired a Private Investigator by the name of Magnus Prime. His studies, research, and snooping also led him to the tomb that the other adventurers were exploring. At their meeting he revealed the truth behind the Legend of Nimbus:

King Nimbus possessed an ancient relic that granted the bearer’s wishes—but only if the bearer was pure in heart and mind. Using this crown, King Nimbus kept his kingdom (the Valley of Dreams) in a state of peace and prosperity, never attempting to use the crown to further his own purposes. Upon his death, the crown was buried with him, and the legend about the “Dreaming King” emerged. At the creation of the crown, 7 Gemstones were counter-created; these stones were of pure evil and could only be wielded by evil. When combined with the Crown of Nimbus, they could allow the crown to be used for evil rather than good.

Upon returning to Forest Grove, the adventuring party received word that a massive Army was approaching Evansville, coming from seemingly nowhere. Realizing that the second Tribulation of legend was War, the party rested and made the single-day ride to Evansville without stopping. After leaving the Church’s Party, the adventuring group was ambushed by a skirmish advance party of the 10,000 man mystery army. They dealt with the dark warriors, but (Sorceress) was severely injured during the fight by the first talented spell caster the group encountered.

Upon arrival in Evansville, the party arranged lodgings and recouped. While doing so, Falkun and Magnus took a few moments aside to perform…duties in the name of Falkun’s Ninja guild. Through stealth and intuition, they plundered much treasure and slaughtered many of the initiates within the guild—and through a fireball spell, the building was engulfed and destroyed. More importantly, Falkun obtained the guildmaster’s signet ring, which his Guild will use for fraud and deception in making transactions between their serious rivals.

Now the threat of a marching army lingers, and the party is ready to contribute to one aspect of city’s defense…but which, they’ve yet to learn.


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